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August 16, 2019

Hi I’m Gretchen, I’m a self-taught cook, food stylist and photographer – welcome to my blog My Weekend Table. I love nothing more than throwing dinner parties and feeding people who love to be fed. Saturday night feasts (mostly!). Potlucks for 30. No-frills, Thursday night after-work slap ups. If I’m not currently feeding people, I’m planning to do so.

I’ve cooked and baked since I was able to sit up without assistance, at which point I was handed a piping bag and cake to do with what I wanted.

Like the rest of us, I have no time at all – I’m a mumma  to two beautiful little ladies – Gwyneth who’s six and baby Margot, almost 1. They light up my life but also suck up every skerrick of my time – putting an end to anything elaborate in the kitchen!

I think the act of cooking and entertaining needn’t involve hours in the kitchen it’s about being clever (and yes taking short-cuts here and there if needed!), prepared and always using seasonal, real ingredients.

To me, every meal is important, there’s something deeper that happens when we slice the cake, tear the bread or carve the roast chicken (my favourite of favourites!). There is taste and smell that draws out memories, and creates many treasured ones to come.

I believe that some of the most meaningful conversations are had and the best friendships are made over the table. That might be an elegantly set dining table, a slab of wood in the garden, or an over-crowded kitchen table.

My beloved husband Blair is an accountant by day and a wannabe viticulturist by night. He loves and knows wine intimately. He’ll remember the taste, smell and vintage of a wine at any point in our past and has such fun selecting the perfect match. (I think I just might be able to twist his arm to wine-match some of my menus).

I’m a bit of a purist at heart and believe that first and foremost food must taste delicious using real seasonal ingredients. I love experimenting with creative flavour combinations and always (well most of the time) make from scratch.

Butter, cream, milk, eggs, flour—they all have a place in my kitchen. I have a serious sweet tooth that I’ll never kick, so I also eat a lot of vegetables and sneak in almond flour (and fitness) where I can. We mostly eat healthy foods but when a craving for blue cheese beef burgers or oozy risotto hits, we’re there!

So if you love good food, and love eating good food in the company of others, you’ll hopefully find something here to inspire your next dinner party.



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