July 2, 2016

When it’s cold outside I bake brownies.  I love desserts of all kind, but nothing can cheer me up like a brownie and a hot cuppa.

Inspired by a Kokako cafe recipe shared by a dear friend, these brownies are intensely chocolatey – almost pure unadulterated fudge,  topped off with the papery, flaky top that is the signature of the best brownies.  This recipe uses brown sugar which adds a subtle caramel flavour and fudgey texture. I topped mine with sifted cocoa and crumbled freeze dried raspberries.

150g Walnuts or slithered almonds
150g plain Flour
75g  Cocoa
375g Brown sugar
375g Melted Butter
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla
3 Eggs
250g Dark Chocolate (I used Whittakers 72%)

Roughly chop walnuts and Chocolate until still chunky.
Mix all other ingredients together.

Spread into a 20 x 15 cm lined tin. Bake at 170deg for approx 30ish minutes.





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